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  A Letter to the Users


    Any person who purchases tools must take into account the price, it is common sense. However, the customer is concerned, after all, they are not the purchase of the expert, or a lack of understanding of this product, thus the saying goes: the buyers are not smart as the sellers! Ití»s mainly due to information asymmetries caused by both buyers and sellers. The price they could be filled with learning, but for those who may be tricky, not honest. Here, I suggest that you compare the price when you buy products; you must understand the following information (in vertical lathe as an example):
1. acquisition costs and the usage cost
    Two cost of buying equipment to be taken into account: First, purchase cost, that is, high and low prices; second is the usage cost. Purchase cost plainly, easy to compare, and while the usage cost you must know products clearly and then you can compare. The outstanding performance of our products have low rate in the course of usage, high processing precision (the precision accords with the demands of national standards), long service life and so on. Easy to use is the key; a good product can work well. Each of our products before delivery must be tested strictly, qualified products can be delivery. In the usage process, the rate of failure is directly related to the usage process efficiency, the more failure turn out the more money you loose , the cumulative rise is not a small number of end ,users only pay for the loss, under normal circumstances the use of it ,the vertical lathe overhaul cycle is 5-7 years, but now many unscrupulous manufacturers produce vertical lathe only to maintain the overhaul period two years, however, our products make sure more than 10 years, the reason why our products can reach the overhaul period more than 10 years is taking the necessary methods, such as laminating, rail quenching, high-quality castings and other methods.
2. difference between models
    Everyone is familiar with the car, certainly no one compares the domestic car with the Mercedes-Benz, why? Ití»s not a class! Mercedes-Benz and BMW can be compared; furthermore Mercedes-Benz has C, E, S-class models, that is: in the S-class model has difference types, such as the S350, S400, S500, S600, different prices for different levels. My mean is: opposed to the real price must be the same model, the same configuration, the same function, the same brand, known only comparability of the same quality. So, reason is the same, for our equipments compare the price with the same reason, the same model, same configuration, the same function, the same qualityúČthis is fair!
3. difference in configuration
    We purchase the castings in best of the best (the same manufacturers with Qiyi Qier), why the same models, some manufacturers buy so cheap, tricky, small factory produces the castings cheaper 1,000 Yuan per ton than big factory, and the weight of the castings which produce by small factory is also light. Give a example with C5116E, the rough weight of one costing is 14t, castings produce by small factories cheaper 14,000 Yuan than big factory, castings produce by small factories nearly 2 tons of weight loss, and there is 10,000 Yuan cheaper than big factory. There is 24000RMB discrepancy between small factory and big factory (casting material of small factory can only be in HT140-HT200, non-wearable, variable type). In addition, our castings use heat aging treatment; it is not used by small factories, for this a vertical lathe can reduce the cost of 5,000 Yuan.
    The more details: for lubricating grease points, some manufacturers use plastic (1 Yuan per 1), and we use copper (5 Yuan per 1), you neední»t compare the price, the service life is not the same. In our vertical lathe you can not see non-standard screws, basically for the 8.8 high-intensity type, even if the 4.8 GB screws are very rare. Therefore, the details of the products reflect the differences in the quality, it is a saying: good products do easy, but meticulous manner is difficult.
    The noise of lathe can affect the processing precision of machine tools, because there is low noise and little vibration when the high-precision gear runs, thus the effect of the processing lathe is small, you can inspect the voices when you purchase machine tools , cheap gear isní»t get out good sound.
4. difference function
    Also give an example with C5116E vertical lathe; shed light adopts standard digital display device, does not need additional fare. Pentagon knife sets use the rat-gear position internal, with 120 equal parts positioning function, rigidity to facilitate the application of the traditional five equal parts by no means comparable positioning plate. All electrical components are selected with high-quality brands, the price may be high, but the failure rate is very low. More the differences will not say.
5. difference in brand awareness
    Brand awareness through better product itself to the publicity, but a good product is nearly certain genuine good things, good things are generally not too cheap. Good goods are not cheap, cheap-free this way. Brand awareness and have a formal enterprises, while the formal business of the management fees certainly higher than the workshop-style small factories. For example, we have the means to complete testing and quality control, equipment problems can be traced to the factory after the plastic to the responsibility of his heirs, when produced, etc., which are to increase the management costs, improve product quality, which is a kind of method. For another example, each numerical control machine tools In addition to using high quality and high reliability features, the factory had been the world's top laser interferometer detection, increase the cost a lot but the quality is to add more.
    Brand awareness through sound, long-lasting after-sale service to achieve, our commitment to the product is permanent.
    Brand awareness through technology leadership and continue to innovate and improve products, and application of new technologies, new product development, etc. to enable enterprises to continue to move forward, so that your purchase of the equipment must be the most advanced.
    Brand awareness through credit management, "honesty, and kindness; can be at a loss and not a guilty conscience" is our forever principle. Integrity of a man starting from our people well, only a good product; person is no good, the product does a good strange.
6. operation, and product service concept
    Our business operation concept is not the pursuit of quantity, only the pursuit of quality, better customer service. Enterprises always put top priority to quality. The development of enterprises can not be profit-oriented, the long-term development must grasp the product quality, the quality is improved, can be a foothold in the market. Good product with good service, and bad product can not have good service, low price of similar products can not have good service. It is definitely not a good product which has too much post-sales service.
    Too many post-services, the firm will be overwhelmed by the service, they will naturally be discounted. I mean, when you choose a product like to see the quality of its own future goal is to minimize the number of on-site service? Or is it the product quality in general, often gate service is good? I heard that the Joint Machine Company in Xuzhou purchased a Li type lathe (I do not know Which of production), the manufacturer has done more than 40 times post-service for the company, Xuzhou Machine Company is reluctant to see the manufacturer and of course, certainly not solve the problem at last.
    Users friends, select products you had better keep their eyes open, we recommend you go to look more ,to know more, to prevent being taken in, welcome to take our product to compare with the domestic front-line manufacturers (Qiyi, Qier, etc.), but do not compare to the inexpensive inferior products..
    Li Shufu, the CEO of Geely Automobile, in the face of the national audience CCTV, said: "I take back this remark: made the Chinese cheapest car, because cheap and good products are contradictory! Good product can not be cheap." I think this should be a truth.

Ceo: Feng Gao