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DVTCK5240 CNC Double Column Vertical Lathe

1.Dalian FULLTONTECH Machinery Co., Ltd had independent research and development, production of DVTCK5240 series CNC double column vertical lathe adopts advanced fittings at home and abroad.Achieved the strong cutting, workbench overweight load, high dynamic and static precision, safe and reliable, long life, high efficiency requirements.
2.Vertical lathe castings adopts resin sand casting process, casting quality is good. The effect of artificial heat processing,and durable. The company have good faith management, the casting is never do lose weight process make sure the machine weight completely consistent with standard weight.
3.The beam guide and ram guide are handled by supersonic frequency induction hardening. On the beam guide with chromium tungsten manganese guide plate, match with beam white steel protection and walking board, durable.
4.Main drive by DC motor,through Level 2 spindle speed change mechanism, implementation of table speed range. Also can be chosen according to user's special requirements of servo spindle motor or inverter duty AC motors.
5. Verical lathe low voltage electrical adopt the ABB international brand and the electric components utilize the components with ultra-high quality , CNC equipment using Siemens 828D(Fanuc 0i-TD by option),servo motor and servo driver all utilize Siemens products; All functional parts and electrical parts are high- grade product, high reliability;high-precision gear grinding gear are featured with low noise and stable operation.Completely accessories configuration, users only need to prepare the cutting tool can be use immediately, perfect after-sales service system to get rid of worries for you.