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Electric tools sets semi-closed guard CNC vertical lathe
1.Dalian FULLTONTECH Machinery Co., Ltd had independent research and development, production of Electric tools sets semi-closed guard CNC vertical lathe ,use independent electrical cabinet is equipped with air conditioning refrigeration, greatly prolong the service life of the reliability of the electrical parts, maintenance is convenient, is not affected by the machine vibration influence; Increase the semi-closed protection, chip cleaner, chip removal trolley, cooling water pump water workpiece, the oil temperature refrigerator, Germany Mecano button stations and other functions. Beautiful and easy, high grade, etc; And with a constant turning and threading functions, etc
2. Vertical lathe table adopt heat symmetrical structure, main shaft bearing is high precision double row cylindrical roller bearing centring, axial direction adopt static load mode or cross roller bearing bearing load mode;Workbench has waterproof function, need not worry about cutting fluid infiltration within the workbench, square working mesa design, convenient for cutting fluid collection.
3 JB/T9934.1-1999 vertical lathe accuracy test, JB/T9934.2-1999 CNC vertical lathe technical conditions; All functional parts and electrical parts are high-quality goods,high reliability.
4. Verical lathe low voltage electrical adopt the ABB international brand and the electric components utilize the components with ultra-high quality , CNC equipment using Siemens 828D(Fanuc 0i-TD by option),servo motor and servo driver all utilize Siemens products.All functional parts and electrical parts are high- grade product, high reliability;high-precision gear grinding gear are featured with low noise and stable operation. Completely accessories configuration, users only need to prepare the cutting tool can be use immediately, perfect after-sales service system to get rid of worries for you.