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C5235E Double column Vertical Lathe

1. Dalian FULLTONTECH Machinery Co., Ltd had independent research and development, production of C5235E series double column vertical lathe, adopt independent hydraulic station?modular design, suitable for hard alloy and ceramic cutting tools,etc.For ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and some non-metallic parts of the inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer conical surface, end face, grooving for rough and finish machining.
2.The beam guide and ram guide are handled by supersonic frequency induction hardening.Skid compound type, vertical tool rest ram adopt nodular cast iron material.While the sliding surface of guide is treated with sticking plastic, improve the wear resistance.
3.Vertical lathe castings adopts the resin sand mould casting process, casting quality is good. The effect of artificial heat processing,and durable. The company have good faith management, the casting is never do lose weight process make sure the machine weight completely consistent with standard weight.
4.The vertical lathe main drive driven by Ac motor drive through Level 16 shifting mechanism, implement vertical lathe workbench speed range. Feed system driven by AC motor, level 18th mechanical variable speed,through the constant ratio gear pair transmission rolling screw, realize tool rest feed and fast moving.
5.Vertical lathe guide is pure static pressure load-carry duty type, static pressure can achieve 16-20 tons.
6.The electrics adopt Japan Omron PLC control and the electric components utilize the components with ultra-high quality ,two axis display standard configuration,high-precision gear grinding gear are featured with low noise and stable operation. Vertical lathe optional configuration: rolling working platform, Germany Mecano button station, heightening lathe and prolonging ram and square ram etc. Completely accessories configuration, users only need to prepare the cutting tool can be use immediately, perfect after-sales service system to get rid of worries for you.